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Sonoma Marin Fair Sonoma-Marin Fair 2008
This site was completely re-designed for the 2005 through 2007 annual fairs and has now been updated for the 2008 fair. New features include online ticket ordering and online voting for the World's Ugliest Dog. The updated design simplifies user navigation and improves features for site maintenance.

Digital Prints and Imaging Digital Prints and Imaging
Developed a completely new website for this large reprographics company. Features include online print ordering forms

Global Farming GlobalFarming
This site was recently launched to provide a global directory for agricultural resources. The directory pages are dynamically created from the database. The site structure is designed for unlimited growth and is easily maintained. The site also includes Google AdSense to generate revenue from site visitors.

Tammy Burdett Tammara Burdett
Tammy Burdett is a singer/songwriter with a jazz flavor. This site was developed to promote Tammy's music and provide online sales of her CD sheet music.

Commercial Repair Commercial Repair
Commercial Repair provides repair and maintenance services to businesses. The site design is an adaptation of the company brochure. An online request form allows clients to request services over the web. The site also includes management functions to allow the owner to maintain the client database.

X-StreamPublishing LLC X-StreamPublishing
This large site, launched in late 2006, provides affordable online access to educational materials for students and educators. The site is database-driven with access controlled by customer registration.

eScrounge was created in collaboration with the owner to provide an online service to promote recycling usable items that someone might otherwise trash. The site is database-driven. Members have passwords to allow them to list items (with photos). Users purchase eScrounge credits online. An administrative function allows the site manager to update the user database.

Muelrath Ranches Muelrath Ranches
Muelrath Ranches includes an annual pumpkin patch and other farm events to Northern California. This website provides information about the events at the ranch as well as produce for wholesale and retail markets.

Sullivan Family Sullivan Family Reunion
The Sullivan Family website was created to connect family members and provide information for the family reunion. The site has become a focal point for family members to communicate via the online forum, place family photos online, and check out the family history.

Jim Strabic Jim Strabic
This website provides promotional and contact information for Jim Strabic and is designed for compatibility with the parent real estate company. The site includes links to multiple listings and online form to request estimate of home value.

Marbella Marbella Jewelry
This online storefront for greeting cards includes a customized shopping cart and credit card processing via PayPal.

Flag Emporium The Flag Emporium
This site originally used an awkward frame structure that was not optimized for search engines. Search engine visibility was improved by converting to a non-framed home page and adding a site map and other features friendly to users and search engines. The product catalog has now been converted to a database.

Family Wish Lists Family Wish Lists
This site provides a place where families can share their holiday wish lists. Site access is controlled by usernames and passwords. The content is database-driven and users interactively enter their wish list and make comments on other family member lists.

Sebastopol Integrative Medicine Sebastopol Integrative Medicine
Dr. Steffe's site provides background and contact information for her integrative medicine services. Visually the site combines a comfortable feel with the professionalism required for her medical practice.

Petaluma Downtown Association Petaluma Downtown Association
This community website includes the annual "Butter and Egg Days" celebration, the "Antique Faire", and the "Art and Garden Festival". A web-based administrative function allows the site manager to add and edit the events calendar, community announcements, and business directory. Gunn Web Design provides website maintenance and update services to keep the information current.

Northern California Travel Clinic Northern California Travel Clinic
This single-page website provides contact information for the Northern California Travel Clinic.

Manos Manos Mortgage Lending
The Gina Manos Home Loan site is an example of the use of simple graphics and a pleasing color scheme on a family-based business site. The development of this site is currently on hold pending a decision by the site owner on how to proceed.

Lake Gatlin Lake Gatlin Homeowner's Association
This site was developed for the Lake Gatlin Homeowner's Association to meet it's need for a simple, affordable means to distribute news and meeting notices to community members.

Tunick Video Tunick Video
This site had low visitor traffic and was re-designed to optimize it's structure and content to improve search engine visibility.

DCS Wood Products DCS Wood Products
This ecommerce site provides a catalog and contact information for custom wood products. The site is currently undergoing an upgrade to increase the number of products in the catalog.

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