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Getting Started - Developing Your Site

Select Hosting Service

Your website will reside on a hosting service computer. There are many very good and inexpensive hosting services available and we will assist in selecting a hosting service with the capabilities to meet your requiements. We can also register your web address (domain name) and set up the hosting service account.

Design and Develop Site

In this phase your website will be designed and developed. The process involves two steps: preliminary design and final design.

In the first phase, we will create a preliminary design of your home page. For most websites, the layout of the sub-pages is based on the layout of the home page. If your site will be using different layouts for sub-pages, a preliminary design of the sub-pages will also be created. The preliminary design will be provided to you for your review before proceeding to the next step.

In the second phase, your review comments will be incorporated in the final design. During this phase the complete website will be developed - including all features and functions. The site will incorporate design features for efficient maintenance and for optimum visibility by search engines. The final design will be provided for your review and all active functions (eg, guest registration, online sales,...) will be tested to verify that they perform correctly.

After implementing the review comments from this step, the site will be ready to go live on the web.


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